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  • revise
  • write up drugs as I come across them
  • write up diseases as I come accross them
  • look at clinical reasoning/diagnostics/histo/path
  • find ways to get onto rounds
  • revise clinical skillz and life support skillz


  • clean my house more often
  • go to gym
  • eat real food

Arty Stuff

  • make up new dance classes.
  • do (dance) classes
  • work on interactive extraveganza
  • animate Mon Pere
  • blog more (thanks yay!)



We are pleased to let you know that your application for admission to the course has been successful.


I had just written off medicine for 2008 as I hadn’t heard anything from the uni’s and from last years rough stats, I had a less than 50% chance of getting an offer. So I put together a superfast application to the AFTRS Masters of Art: Film and Television – Digital Media program and was accepted.
I had reconciled myself to that and was quite excited about it. It was an oppurtunity to finish off a few projects, extend my own work and practice.

But, once this came through, totally out the window, and I’ve spent the last few days alternating between giggling like a schoolgirl excited and crushing terror.

I did class that night, and had the strangest feeling that, for all the times I’ve ‘retired’ (about 10 at least count), this time, its going to happen. I’m likely never to be in such good dancing shape again – doing pirouettes and tours with impunity, and it was a very odd feeling. I resolved to enjoy it as much as I could over the next few weeks.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping to keep dancing for myself and teaching, but it wont be at the same level as it has been.

So. <insert corny metaphor involving books, chapters closing etc>

Its going to be fun.