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In medicine, things are not all roses and puppy dogs. Some things smell like evil incarnate

so here is my list of worst smells in medicine, please add yours in the comments!

1. Grapefruit sized fungating penis lesion (HPV, ? penile cancer in a refugee in a detention centre, not attended to for >6months)
2. Decompression of a bowel with ?colon cancer and 11 day history of constipation. Its a lotta poop
3. Trichomonas vaginal infection. Its frothy and green and all round nasty
4. Giant exploded sebaceous cysts. It pays not to pop them.
5. Open thoracostomy with mutliresistant psuedomonas. Sweet, fruity, rotten.
6. Malaena. Partially digested blood AND poop. mmmm

Unrelated image of Glen Helen Gorge at sunset


I work in pathology, I take bloods, urine and poop (they do last two themselves. I just package it and send it up the magical chute thing)
Usually when they come in with the poop sample it’s wrapped in all manner of plastic bags, tissue paper etc as they’re embarrassed.
Today had the total opposite, wanders up to the counter, plops the container on it, opens it up, displaying a healthy scoop of greenish brown, foul smelling crap and asks ‘ do you think i got enough’?