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It had been nearly 10 years, I’d stopped thinking about you long ago. You’d changed, but then again, so had I. But the instant you spoke, that slightly too deep voice, the naughty laugh and the way you grabbed  my arm when you laughed, it was just like the way it was but more cynical, a little bitter.  While I have significantly more pressing things to remember, I still know your birthday and still remember the way you smelt.

I wonder if it’ll be another 10 years.


I was briefly involved in a love rhombus.
it involved GBG (Gorgeous Ballet Girl), GBGLDB (Gorgeous Ballet Girl Long Distance Boyo), yours truly and SSRM (Somewhat Shady RoomMate)

So I had a thing for GBG, but upon finding out about GBGLDB decided to do the marginally classier thing of being a little bit cautious and subtle.  SSRM had no such qualms and weighed right in, and due to scruffy shadiness (which I can only hope to one day achieve), swept GBG off her feet.It got far too complicated and so its back to a love triangle.

Love polygons suck.

While down in Melbourne I was lucky enough to meet up with a consultant anaesthetist to have a chat about the medschool interview process as he was/is on the panel.  After we chat for a bit, he asks if I’d like to scrub up and wander around a bit.
The answer being yes, oh god yes (conditional that I don’t faint) I get all scrubbed up and booty covers and hat thing and toddle off around the theatres. It was great.