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The things people come into hospital emergency departments boggles the mind. The finest one of last week
‘Patient has concerns about mild red mark on arm. ? slept on it’


Arch bars are painful.

Arch Bars

They’re often used in maxillofacial surgery to fix busted up mandibles (of which we see an awful lot of)
They are not comfortable with sharp metally bits sticking into gums.

A patient of ours was recently rediscovered from the wild, as it were, with arch bars half on. 8 years after having them placed and subsequently lost to follow up.
8 years. More interesting is that he had come into hospital on several occasions and no-one had noticed them

More unrelated photos

Libibing Village, Lesotho

Sunrise over Kibo Crater, Killimanjaro

‘Have you got any allergies?’
‘Excuse me?’
‘Oh, Eggs?’
‘Yup, I luv baked beans though…’
‘Ok, beans huh? what happens when you have eggs?’
‘See I need somfin wif ma bacon…love baked beans. Heggs though…’
‘What happens when you have eggs?’
‘I dunno doc, when i see ’em, i jus feel sick. But I gotta have somefin wif ma bacon, beans are good… Say, can you get me a sandwich and a drink doc?’

*abbreviated from an amusing 10 minute conversation discussing his dietary preferences for beans.

and now for something completely unrelated
This is a picture from my recent Africa trip, which I haven’t blogged about, cause, well its been busy. This 4th year medicine palava was supposed to be a bludge but its been anything but. I”ll try to blog here and there, but it’s gonna be sporadic…