Its been quite overwhelming, and I still haven’t quite gotten it through my head.

I’m still getting that giddy feeling of excitement when the offer came through, and also daunted by what I need to organise to get there in time, and the enormousness (interestingly enormity is supposed to be reserved for things of great wickedness) of the change that it entails.

But change is good.

Its been a bit over 12 years since I first decided that dancing was the way to go (prior to that I had aimed for something legal. or becoming Optimus Prime), and its been a tremendous lot of fun. Lots of hardwork and heartbreak involved, but still, I’d contend few careers offer such fun as one in the theatre. Along the way I’ve had the privilege of working with enormous names, huge companies with seemingly endless resources, and also with up and coming talent on the proverbial smell of an oily rag. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people and gotten to travel.  I guess this is my little thank you to dance and theatre, and all the people in it.

Like many prospective medical students, I’m nervous about how much I have to learn, how I will cope with the challenges of the profession – particularly dealing with death and illness, a failing system. But it is also tremendously exciting – a new challenge to overcome.
I want to be careful not to  lose my creativity, my enjoyment of art, and the joy of making something beautiful.  I want to make sure I dont lose touch with the world outside of medicine and my friends.

Its soon, I move in 4 days , and I get to start afresh